Newborn Baby nursery crib with a firm mattress cover and protector, blanket, mosquito net a comfortable chair when breastfeeding and nursing pillow

What do I need for my newborn baby? Might this be one of the questions on your mind as a first-time mom? Are you trying to figure out what your newborn baby will need after birth?

You may not have done this before, but we promise that you can take up this challenge and have fun shopping for your newborn. What should you buy for a newborn baby? In this blog article, we have prepared a comprehensive checklist of items you will need to buy in readiness for your bundle of joy. 

We have made your work simple by providing a printable version of the newborn baby shopping checklist that you can carry with you as you shop.

We also share some tips on how to get your baby to sleep faster, some organizational tips for baby stuff and useful baby shower gift ideas for anyone who may want to gift a new mom-to-be.

The list we provide for you as a modern-day woman is quite comprehensive; you may decide on what a newborn needs the most as you go through the listed items as your budget allows. You may also choose to buy the items little by little as the days go by; you may get some items as hand-me-down items from your friends or relatives; other options would be to not only buy new ones but also get some good but previously used ones. In addition, you may list some of the items as part of your baby shower gift registry. You do not need to buy branded items and you only need to buy a few baby clothes at first as babies grow very fast 

What you should buy for a newborn baby?

What a newborn needs the most including newborn baby clothes or outfits for girl or boy, newborn baby diapers, a crib, bath tub, baby bottles and other bath time essential supplies, to be able to move up and about and some optional items that would be unique baby gift ideas for a mum-to-be.

Newborn Baby Clothes

Wardrobe Items

Here is a list of newborn baby clothes that you. 

  •  Vests
  • Baby Bodysuits/Onesies
  • Rompers
  • Pants
  • Tshirts
  • Sweaters
  • Socks
  • Mittens
  • Hats
  • Pajamas 


Newborn Baby Clothes in a dresser

Observe the seasons to help you decide how warm the baby clothes should be and how warm to dress your baby. Babies have a larger surface area to body size and this means they lose heat faster hence need to be kept warm to avoid hypothermia.  A great balance would ensure the baby does not get heat rash as a result of being overly dressed.

Newborn Baby Nursery Essentials

Bedtime Furniture and Bedding Essentials

Your newborn baby will need a comfortable place to sleep. 

  •  Crib (may be portable or immobile).
  • Bassinet or Moses Basket (the baby will outgrow this faster than a crib)
  • Firm Mattress
  • Mattress cover and protector
  • Fitted Crib bedsheets
  • Blankets (cotton)
  • Receiving blankets
  • Mosquito net
  • Rocking Chair (you will need a comfortable as you lull your baby to sleep or when feeding your baby. This is optional)
  • Pacifiers (optional)


Newborn Baby nursery crib with a firm mattress cover and protector, blanket, mosquito net a comfortable chair when breastfeeding and nursing pillow

Changing Station and Diapering Essential Items

A changing station helps you stay organized and keeps your space tidy for your baby and the rest of your family. 

  •  Changing table.
  • Dresser for storing your newborn baby clothes (Some dresser have a top surface that can be converted into a changing table or surface)
  • Diaper Changing Pad
  • Diaper Changing Pad Covers
  • Diaper Bin or Pail with liners
  • Newborn Baby Diapers or Nappies
  • Baby Wipes (non-scented alcohol free wipes) or cotton wool swabs
  • Nappy Rash Cream
Newborn Baby Changing Station, Diapers and Diaper Changing Pad

Organization Tips

You will have tiny but many items to deal with after shopping for the items you need for your newborn. Do not forget to get them organized well to avoid misplacing them and this may require some smaller containers to place diapers for instance.  Small baskets can also be used when organizing baby items for ease of finding them when you need to use them. Dividers in the dresser helps to organize the different baby cloth items such as onesies in one corner and rompers in another divide or corner. Remember you are going to be taking care of not only the baby but yourself too and the minimal the stress in finding the items the more relaxed you are which is important for milk flow and maintaining your sanity as well as allowing you time to take care of you.

A basket can be used for organizing your newborn essential items

Newborn Baby Feeding Essentials

Baby Feeding Checklist

 Breastfeeding or Formula feeding (some situations may warrant this. Talk to your pediatrician about this since breastmilk is considered best).

  • Burp Cloths
  • Bibs
  • Nursing Bras come in handy to allow for ease of removing the breasts during breast feeding. They have clips on the shoulder that are easy to clip on and off.
  • Nursing/Breast Pads. There are disposable and reusable nursing pads that prevents breast milk from soaking your bra and clothes whenever they are full.
  • Nipple cream like lanolin or petroleum jelly. Breastfeeding technique does not come as natural as you may think and breastfeeding classes which teaches on how to latch the baby on the breasts and positioning will come in handy to avoid cracked nipples. nipple cream will relieve the nipples of the discomfort after breastfeeding
  • Baby Bottles with teats and caps
  • Bottle Cleaning supplies like bottle brush
  • Bottle Warmer
  • Bottle Sterilizer
  • Baby Breastfeeding Pillow or nursing pillow
  • Milk Storage Bags or Containers
  • Formula (if formula feeding).
  • Breast pump (can be manual or electric and is optional). The Medela electric pump is generally recommended in some of our circles. The brand new one does not come cheap.
Bottle Warmer

 “I had intended to breastfeed my newborn baby since I had breastfed my other older babies. However, the twists and turns of life made it impossible my plans to go on fully and as some point formula feeding became and inevitable option. I got a second-hand electric breast pump this time round since getting a new one was not in my initial plans. Previously I had used manual breast pump which had served me just fine. Expressing breast milk whether by hand or breast pump helps to get adequate milk for storage for when you resume work, it also keeps the breast milk stimulation pathway going and empties a full breast to avoid breast engorgement and its sequelae whenever the baby is not suckling the breasts. A friend brought for me a bottle warmer by Philips avent and this has been one of the best baby shower gifts ever-two years down the line and this gadget is still going strong “. _a fourth time mum.

Newborn Baby Bathing and Grooming Essentials

Bath time supplies

Newborn baby bath time supply needs checklist.

  • Baby Bath Tub
  • Baby body wash/soap/bath oil
  • Wash Cloths
  • Towels 
  • Baby Lotion or moisturizer
  • Bath Thermometer (for checking water temperature is optional as you may check with your elbow for warm temperature)
  • Swaddles/Baby shawls

Grooming and health essential items

  • Baby Grooming kit with Nail clippers and bulb syring for suctioning mucus from the baby’s nose
  • Dresser for storing your newborn baby clothes (Some dresser have a top surface that can be converted into a changing table or surface)
Newborn basin for bathing

You want to ensure that the products you buy when expecting a newborn baby are age-appropriate and safe for use and to leave in the environment where your baby is. Baby’s grow very fast and therefore the number of items you need in the clothing category is not much as they will soon outgrow and you will need to buy more age-appropriate baby clothes et cetra. Different baby bottles and teats have different shapes. You may want to try those which emulate the natural breasts and nipples for ease of acceptance by your baby; they should also not be hard but just firm so that your baby may suck without straining. We may recommend Avent bottles in the not-so-budget friendly category and tommy tippee in the budget friendly category. A disclamer: sometimes you may try different brands of the items to see which one your baby agrees to. A firm mattress helps to avoid suffocation accidents.

Newborn Baby Travel Items

Up and About Essential Items for your baby

Items you will need as you move with your newborn baby and baby’s playtime supplies too.

  • Stroller
  • Infant Car Seat (optional)
  • Baby Carrier
  • Play Pen (optional)
  • Play Mat
  • Baby Swing
  • A diaper bag is also essential as you will be with the baby out and about to keep baby diapers that you need.

Other items you may choose to buy are: toys and teethers

Helpful Tips to get your baby to Sleep better

Your nursery room should be located where there is minimal noise from within or outside. Black out curtains or shades lining windows for the nursery or your room if you co-sleep with your baby will get your baby restful sleep. Some soothing white noise /music may also get your baby to sleep faster. A clean and gentle massaged, well fed and burped newborn baby is also more likely to be comfortable in their sleep

Nyalife Women’s Health Clinic is interested in being a great resource to you as a new mom-to-be whether it is your first time, or second time mom as well as offering helpful insights as regards your overall health as a woman.

Below is another useful resource to consider as you get ready to pack to hospital for delivery.

If interested on what items to pack for baby as you head for delivery, find out in Nyalife Women’s Health Hospital bag checklist here 


Share your recommended essential newborn baby shopping list in the comments.

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